Access the terminal or CLI from anywhere

without the need for VPNs

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ps -ef
$ >

Remote Connectivity Platform

> reem connect mydevice
mydevice > ls -l /my/awesome/files

Terminal / CLI Access

Connect and control your devices remotely from any location without VPNs, firewalls or static IPs.
Control who can access your devices
Record & Play sessions
Works on Linux, Mac, Windows & OpenWRT
Access from a web browser (with our native desktop and CLI app coming soon)
Designed for computers, servers, and IoT devices

Serial Ports as a Service (SPaaS)

Read & write to serial ports of your remote devices
Mount remote serial ports locally to your computer & access them with any application
Feed serial connections to cloud apps
Access serial connections through our API / SDKs

TCP Port Forwarding

Connect to your device's TCP ports from anywhere
Forward local ports to your remote device


Cloud Native & Secure
Teams & Enterprises Supported with SAML and AD Integrations
Web Dashboard of devices and their locations.
Insights, Analytics & AI
Group devices and manage their access
IoT Platform
Integrations, APIs & SDKs
Grant temporary access to your devices to 3rd parties and vendors

Coming Soon

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